Support U.S. Army Veteran Andrea Ball -- Put Her Back To Work Now

Tell Amazon & SIS that security officer and U.S. Army Veteran Andrea Ball should be put back to work immediately at the shift she was hired to do.  

Meet security officer Andrea Ball, a proud U.S.Army veteran. She re-enlisted recently for combat duty where she will serve our country on the frontlines for the next six years.

Officer Ball is a security officer who protects the people and property at Amazon’s campus in Seattle.

She works alongside 800 security officers for Security Industry Specialists (SIS), the contractor hired by Amazon to guard the tech giant.

Ball says many security officers who work for SIS feel they experience mistreatment, favoritism, arbitrary work policies, lack of raises and more.

“As a veteran, this disheartens me. The way they treat employees—females, Muslims—it’s not right. I’m fighting for freedom. It’s why I joined the military. We should all be treated with respect.”

When Ball put in for a leave of absence to fulfill her three-day military training schedule, she alerted SIS through proper channels. When she returned from drills, she was removed from the schedule. She had to go to human resources and open an investigation.

She was put back to work, but says these problems keep happening.

And just this week, Officer Ball reported that SIS changed her schedule to another shift without her consent.

“I want Amazon to know their contractor (SIS) treats us like second-class citizens. They switched my shift without my consent—I told them I couldn’t work that schedule with my family and military commitments. And then they asked me to resign.”

Despite trying to work this out with her employer, Officer Ball says that SIS asked her to voluntarily resign.

“We need fairness. We need protection. And we need these problems solved.”


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