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The U.S. Department of Education started a review of the University of Phoenix earlier this month, with a focus on the university’s administration of federal student financial aid.[i] To learn more about the University of Phoenix’s long history of lawsuits and investigations, and to get campaign updates, sign up for our e-mail list.

This is not the first time business practices at the University of Phoenix have come under scrutiny. Here at For-Profit U, we’ve compiled a rap sheet detailing the ways the university and its parent corporation, the Apollo Group, have prioritized profits over delivering quality education. For example, the University of Phoenix collects over $12,000 in tuition annually from each student, but just $1,600 of that amount goes towards instruction.[ii] One in every four students defaults on his or her loans within three years of entering repayment.[iii] In 2009, the Apollo Group settled a case for more than $78 million to resolve whistle-blower claims that Apollo knowingly defrauded the federal government of higher education funds.[iv] To read more more, and to see the references, click here.

As the largest and fastest growing union including over 90,000 people who work in higher education, SEIU members are committed to holding for-profit schools accountable for poor outcomes that have come at an exorbitant cost to students and the taxpayers who fund their operations through millions of dollars in federal aid. For more information on the campaign, visit