Let's stand up and fight for a child care system that works for all of us!

Families and child care workers face a crisis. Parents can’t afford quality child care and providers are paid low wages and struggle to support their own families. However, we have a plan to change that.

Our Vision: $15 per hour and a voice on the job for workers and affordable child care options for families.

  1. Increase pay for child care workers.  These workers need at least $15 per hour so they can support their own families and provide the best care possible. 
  2. Working families need affordable and flexible child care options. No family should have to pay more than 10% of their income for child care and all children who are eligible for care should receive it. 
  3. Child care should be high-quality. Child care teachers should have a voice on the job to advocate for higher quality standards, access to affordable training and professional development, and the best quality for the children in their care. 
  4. Profitable corporations should pay their fair share. To help alleviate the child care crisis, corporations must invest much need funds to help fix America’s child care system. 

Will you join with child care workers and families as we fight for a system that works for everyone?