Palin photoThe truth about health care reform.

It started with Sarah Palin and it's making it's way through the GOP echo chamber; opponents of health care reform are running wild with claims that the President's plans for health care reform will create death panels that would decide whether sick or elderly Americans live or die.

Here's the truth about death panels: they are a complete and total lie.

It's actually one of many scare tactics that opponents of health reform are using to confuse the majority of Americans standing behind President Obama's plan.

Do you have a friend or family member who's skeptical of health reform? Or someone being bombarded with misleading emails from the far right? Take a minute to send them a note and set the record straight. Fill out the form to the right to get them connected to the truth about President Obama's plan for health care reform.

Rumors and scare tactics are powerful things - but not as powerful as the truth. The truth is that we finally have an opportunity to fix our broken health care system. The President's plan would lower costs and improve access to quality care. And it would keep decisions about your health - including end-of-life decisions - between you and your doctor. Period.

As supporters of health care reform, we're in the majority. But that doesn't count for much if we stay silent on this important issue. Take a few minutes to tell the truth about health reform today.

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