Hang a sign declaring We Are The 99%!

You don't have to attend a rally to be heard and stand up to Wall Street and the 1%.

Shout that We Are The 99% and refuse to have our American Dream deferred any longer! Join up with thousands of Americans to display your anger and frustration.

Print out and hang this sign declaring that “We Are The 99%” anywhere that people will see it: in the window of your home, in business store fronts, in your car windows, on bulletin boards. Change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture to show you are the 99%.

8.5 x 11

11 x 17


English 8.5 x 11 99% Sign
(PDF 266 KB)
English 11 x 17 99% Sign
(PDF 258 KB)
English Facebook 99% Sign
(JPG 41 KB)
Click here to download the sign in other languages.

Let’s tell Wall Street that we will not stand for these grave injustices any longer.
Ask your friends to display the sign too!

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We are the 99 percent

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