We need a 2012 budget plan that will strengthen our middle class, not weaken it

Protect kids, seniors and people with disabilitiesThe House of Representatives recently passed a federal budget proposal that threatens the health and economic security of America's middle class and seniors.

The budget includes proposals that would take away health insurance from more than 30 million people and end Medicaid and Medicare as we know them - resulting in drastic cuts to vital healthcare services that seniors, people with disabilities and children depend on. The House Republican proposal would also extend Bush-era tax cuts for the rich and enact massive new tax breaks for the wealthy.

Now the budget process moves to the Senate, and the future of Medicaid and Medicare lies in the hands of our Senators. Raise public awareness of the Republican spending bill that would jeopardize the health of the seniors, children and people with disabilities.

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Tell Your Senators to Protect Medicaid and Medicare


House Republicans are supporting a 2012 spending plan that would end Medicaid and Medicare as we know it and slash benefits for seniors and people with disabilities.

Under the plan,

* Seniors and people with disabilities that rely on Medicaid for health coverage and funding for long term care such as nursing homes would no longer be able to afford these life-saving benefits;

* Children would be cut off from basic preventative care and

* Many families would be forced to rely on emergency rooms for routine care for their children.

Will you join me to tell our Senators to take a stand on the debt ceiling and reject Republicans' radical proposal to take vital services and programs away from those who need it most?

While Republicans' budget proposal may be a path to prosperity for wealthy individual or corporations in line to receive some $1.8 trillion in tax cuts, it certainly isn't a path to prosperity for the remaining 99% of us.

Your Senators will likely vote on the House-approved budget any day now. Now is the time to make our message heard loud and clear. We've got to hold these politicians accountable for jeopardizing the health of our friends, neighbors and loved ones.

Send a message to your Senators that a budget "solution" that attacks Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act is not a solution at all:


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