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Norm Gleichman

We are saddened to learn that our dearest comrade and friend, Norm Gleichman died suddenly January 11. Norm was on vacation in Mexico with his wife, Marie, his son, Nick, and daughter, Eve.

For the last ten years, Norm was an integral part of SEIU’s legal team, serving as Deputy General Counsel and leading key portions of the department’s work that ensured that every SEIU staff member could fully serve our members. Prior to SEIU, Norm served as an attorney at the Communications Workers of America and as the General Counsel of the Federal Mine Safety and Review Commission during the Clinton administration.

Some people knew Norm Gleichman the dedicated community activist, serving as a Montgomery County election judge. Others knew Norm Gleichman the thespian, set to play the leading role in a community theater production opening next month. Others knew Norm Gleichman, the tireless advocate for working people, a trusted confidant among SEIU leaders and staff. And others knew Norm Gleichman, the loving and committed father, husband and son.

But regardless of how you first met Norm Gleichman, you knew he was funny, you knew he was a crusader for justice, a man of integrity and a wonderful human being.

Our hearts are broken.

UPDATE 1/24/2013: View the remarks of SEIU's Judy Scott as read at Norm's memorial service (.doc)

We offer this remembrance page for you to share your thoughts and photos with Norm's loved ones.

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