Stand Up to Trump’s Extreme Agenda, Show up for an America for all of us

In his first week, President Trump issued a series of executive orders that advance an extremist agenda at the expense of doing what is best for America’s working families, our communities, our economy and democracy. He has advocated to repeal healthcare for millions of families, pushed for a cabinet that would put corporations above working families and, on Friday, he pushed forward an action that intensifies the targeting, scapegoating and criminalization of immigrants and their families, unfairly targets and bans Muslims from seven countries, regardless of their legal status, from entering this country, and upends the core values on which American democracy was founded.

Since the election, grassroots mobilizations have sprung up across the country, from the Fight for 15, to the fight to protect affordable healthcare, the women’s march and yesterday at airports around the nation to defend America’s legacy as a beacon for those seeking to build a better life for their families. Together, we will continue to take to the streets to stand up against the attacks, speak out for our vision for a just society, and rise up to win back an America where every family and community can thrive.

I pledge to Stand Up against the extreme agenda President Trump and Republican leaders that further rigs our economy and democracy against working families and to Show Up for actions in the streets and online to win back an America where every family and community can thrive.