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To win for working people, and rebuild the American Dream, SEIU supports elected officials and candidates who share our vision of a nation that invests in good jobs, opportunities for all, not just the richest 1%, while working to create a fair pathway to citizenship for every immigrant worker and universal healthcare for all.

What's COPE?

Through small, voluntary contributions to COPE, more than 300,000 members of SEIU have created a strong voice for working people in politics. COPE allows us to have a direct impact on elections and key issues in our communities. From Florida to California, Texas to New York, members from every corner of the country contribute $10 a month to build one of the largest and most powerful grassroots PACs in the country.

What victories have we gained though COPE?

• Mobilized an historic campaign to elect Barack Obama

• Passed the Affordable Care Act

• Provided critical campaign resources to win in key federal and state legislative races SEIU members are leading a movement to create an economy fair to all workers.

Our victory will depend not just on our energy and passion, but also our investment. By joining hundreds of thousands of people who are digging deep and investing in a voice in politics, you will send a clear message: Working people deserve elected representatives who will fight for an economy that works for all people!

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