Call Your GOP Senator To Tell Them "Hands off Obamacare!"

A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in King v. Burwell upholds the availability of tax credits through the Affordable Care Act for eligible Americans in all fifty states to purchase health insurance. Translation? This is a huge VICTORY for affordable care!

The Court’s ruling is great news for the 8+ million working Americans who rely on the law's tax credits to afford their health insurance. And it's a decision that should send a strong message to Republican leaders in Congress, once and for all, of just how out of touch they are in their ongoing efforts to undermine the law.

Sadly, this is unlikely to be the case unless there is a giant public outcry to make them listen to reason.

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Tell the staff person you're connected with to relay this message: "Obamacare is working. Don't repeal it. It's time to move forward."