Tell Gov. McDonnell: Veto the Senate Republicans' radical redistricting bill

"I knocked doors every day for months in 2012, getting people out to vote. Now my state government is simply trying to steal the next election." -Vellon Harris, Homecare worker, SEIU Virginia 512

While the rest of the country was celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the start of President Obama’s second term, our legislators here in Virginia used a disgusting partisan power grab to try to disadvantage thousands of voters for years to come.

On Jan. 20, while one Democratic legislator was traveling to Washington, D.C. for President Obama’s second inauguration, Republicans in the Senate rammed through legislation to redraw Senate districts and make them more favorable to Republicans.

If the redistricting bill becomes law, there will be major changes to all 40 state Senate districts, with up to 45 percent of Virginians being moved into new, gerrymandered districts for strictly partisan reasons. This would all happen without any public input, any hearings or any kind of review. That’s why Republican and Democratic leaders – and newspapers across the Commonwealth – are denouncing this move.

Our governor has a chance to shut this backroom deal down. Please take a minute to send Gov. McDonnell a letter and tell him we won’t stand for this unchecked redistricting for strictly partisan purposes.

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