Is National Healthcare Reform His Priority?

As you may know, Congress recently took up one of the most important pieces of healthcare legislation this year -- a bill that would prevent a drastic $12.5 billion pay cut to doctors who care for Medicare patients. With billions of dollars of cuts on the line that would undermine the quality of care we can deliver to our most vulnerable patients, did you know that Senator John McCain did not make it a priority to show up and vote? As Democrats and a handful of Republicans in the Senate recently called for a vote on a bill (HR 6331) that would protect Medicare patients by blocking this cut from going into effect, Senator John McCain, whose position on this cut is unknown, was busy campaigning in Ohio. If Senator McCain is serious about solving our national healthcare crisis, this is an odd way to show it. With doctors facing a 10% cut in Medicare funding, we can’t let inaction put our patients and our profession at risk. Click "participate" to send a message to Senator John McCain and to your Senator as well to ask that they stand up for doctors and our most vulnerable patients!

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