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Medicaid Vs. The Millionaires

Decades ago, the dream of a person with a disability living in their own home, working in the community, or living independently was just that—a dream. Right now, because of funding for services provided under Medicaid, 8 million Americans with disabilities have control over their lives, are living and working in the community—and the dream is a reality. Last month, the US House of Representatives voted to shatter the dream for people with disabilities. Congressman Ryan’s “Reverse Robin Hood” Budget proposal that cuts Medicaid services and supports to people with disabilities in order to pay for tax cuts for corporations and millionaires. Thankfully, the Senate rejected the radical Ryan plan. But our work is not over. We still need a budget that protects vital human services, like Medicaid, for the Americans with disabilities who depend on them to live independent lives as part of their community. Tell your Senators and Representative we need a budget that reflects our values on Main Street, not a corporations bottom line on Wall Street.

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