Protect Our Freedom to Join Together in the Workplace

Already, millions of Americans don’t have a say in the decisions that affect them at work, in their communities, and in our economy because of a concerted effort to undermine the interests of working people over the past 40 years.

Since the presidential election, working families have come under direct attack, most recently with the introduction of H.R. 986, the "Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act"; H.R. 2776, the "Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act"; and H.R. 2775, the "Employee Privacy Protection Act.” These bills undermine the freedom of workers to join together in a union and take away their ability to negotiate fair wages and benefits. 

To strengthen our economy and our families, we must stand up and fight for a system that is not rigged against working people. Start taking action today by entering your ZIP code to send an email urging your member of Congress to oppose these bills. 

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