Want A Real Debate?

We need to put healthcare front and center during one of the most watched events of this campaign – the final presidential debate. To make sure we’re heard loud and clear, we’ve teamed up with a coalition called Health Care for America NOW! Already, they’ve moved more than 2,000 people to email CBS News and request a series healthcare questions for this debate. But we, as healthcare professionals, need to make sure our unique voices are heard on this issue. There are a few certainties in this election. One of these two candidates will be our next president; and whoever it is will need to make drastic decisions about the direction of our healthcare system. We need to do everything we can to make sure they hear more from people who wear scrubs – not suits - to work. I don’t know about you, but I trust the experience of a lab tech over a lobbyist or a CNA over a CEO any day. So, what question would you ask? Do you know where they stand on staffing levels? Do you know how they’ll pay for their plans? What about their views on the physician shortage? Do you know how they’d address issues like children’s health or preventative care? Shouldn’t we – and all Americans – know the answers to these questions before we cast one of the most important votes of our lifetime? If we don’t ask these questions, no one will. Click ”Participate” to email Steve Chaggaris, Political Director at at CBS News, and tell him why healthcare should be a priority on October 15th. This could be the last chance to hear both candidates side-by-side before we cast our votes on Election Day. Just click “Participate” on the right to get started!

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