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Tell Apple to Use a Responsible Security Contractor and Commit to Officers’ Freedom to Form a Union

If I had a union I’d be able to support my family more. It’s expensive to raise a family here in Silicon Valley.”—Security Officer Alison JonesTell Apple to use a responsible security contractor


It’s no joke. A company called Knightscope has ambitious plans to unleash herds of robots in our communities—starting in 2015. In an interview with tech blog CNET last week, here’s what the company’s co-founder and CEO—a former executive at Ford Motor Company—had to say:


  • “Our plan is to be able to cut crime by 50 percent in an area. When we do that, every mayor across the planet is going to be giving us a call.”
  • “The likelihood a criminal is going to walk into an area with a few hundred droids, and the community is engaged using this tool and that transparency is there and there’s no privacy concerns—a criminal is going to have second thoughts.”
  • “What puts people on edge is not necessarily privacy. What puts people on edge is being shot at. I think we have an opportunity to have those instances stop, or at least significantly decline them by having these types of machines in the community.”

The company’s strategy? Start by replacing security officers in Silicon Valley, where more than 5,000 officers are coming together to form a union in order to fight the region’s vast income inequality.

Silicon Valley is known throughout the world for its immense wealth. But the local reality is that poverty, homelessness and food stamp participation are soaring. Throwing people out of work will make a bad situation even worse.

There’s an alternative to Knightscope’s nightmare. We can improve industry standards in a socially responsible way. Raising standards means officers forming unions and winning the good jobs our communities need. A voice at work allows experienced, professional officers to stay on the job so they can integrate responsible industry technologies into their work and guarantee civil liberties. The result? Broad prosperity and freedom.

Tell Apple to Lead the Way to a Better Future by Using a Responsible Security Contractor

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