This November, Keep Obamacare Safe

SCOTUSruling-WeLoveObamacare.jpgThe Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act is a clear victory for working families. It guarantees that people with pre-existing conditions can't be denied coverage and families won't be left at the mercy of insurance companies.

While this ruling is certainly worthy of celebration, it doesn’t mean affordable healthcare for all Americans is secure. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and right-wing Republican leaders in Congress are committed to repealing the healthcare law and to ending Medicare as we know it.

Romney has said he'll repeal the healthcare law on his very first day in office, declaring it a "bad law" and promising to “kill it dead.” As voters, we have the power to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Join our effort to move forward and continue protecting healthcare access for all Americans. Pledge to elect healthcare champions like Barack Obama this November.