Sign the Petition: Tell Alaska Airlines to respect democracy, step out of the way of our dreams

Send a message to Alaska AirlinesAlaska Airlines and its allies have persuaded a court to strike down most of SeaTac’s good jobs initiative – Proposition 1, for a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Us airport workers simply want good pay and basic rights so we and our families can live in dignity – and the voters of SeaTac agree with us! But Alaska Airlines is using its record profits to go against the voters and deny fair wages to those of us who make Sea-Tac Airport work.

We are going to appeal this decision, but Alaska should stop using its profits to stand in the way of our pathway to the American. If you agree with us, sign up to send a message to Alaska CEO, Brad Tilden.

TO: Alaska CEO, Brad Tilden.

In November, people of the City of SeaTac voted for Proposition 1, to introduce a $15 an hour minimum wage, sick days & tip protection.

Many workers at contractors that your company uses get by on poverty wages with few or no benefits.

I am disappointed that, instead of supporting good jobs for workers at Sea-Tac, you have used your company’s vast profits to go to court and attempt to block Proposition 1.

Sea-Tac workers will appeal the court decision to block good jobs for airport workers. I am asking you to stop standing in the way of airport workers’ dreams and the will of the people.

Withdraw your legal action against good jobs at Sea-Tac.

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