240,0000 California Long Term Care Workers Are Uniting in One Strong Union

SEIU's 65-member International Executive Board voted to affirm the recommendation of California’s long term care workers in the recent member advisory vote to unite nursing home and home care workers from 6434, 521, and UHW in one statewide long term care local union. Hospital workers will continue to build their strength as part of UHW.

The vote by SEIU IEB concluding an eight year process of democratic decision-making couldn’t come at a better time. In the face of the sweeping cuts Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed, long-term care workers need to be unified now more than ever.

SEIU Long Term Care Workers in California will be Stronger as One.

  • 240,000 long term care workers will stand united and stronger in one single California local union to save state home care programs and protect nursing home funding from budget cuts.
  • California's single statewide long term care union will mean more political power and more strength to win a better future.
  • SEIU's statewide long term care union will mean more respect and better treatment for workers and their patients and consumers.

Joining Together as One for a Brighter Future.

For more information on the California statewide long term care local or how you can get involved, call 866-888-8256 or fill out the form to the right.