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Call FreeScore at 1-800-316-8824 to let them know that unless they want their brand associated with the inflammatory values Beck embodies, it’s time for them to stop advertising on his show permanently.

Use the script below to guide your conversation, and the form to the right to report back on your call.

Guidelines For Calling FreeScore

Talking points:

Hello.  My name is ___________. I'm calling on behalf of SEIU's advertising boycott against Fox News host Glenn Beck.

I'm calling to ask FreeScore to stop enabling Glenn Beck's daily broadcast of hateful rhetoric and dishonest attacks on our leaders and institutions.

Beck has made countless comments that willfully distort progressive values and promote bigotry, intolerance, violence and sexism.

[Feel free to include specific examples of Beck's comments if you'd like; we've provided a few for you to reference below].

  • On March 9th, Beck claimed that the race question included in the 2010 Census is the government’s attempt to increase modern-day slavery.
  • On March 16th, Beck urged his listeners to leave their congregations if their churches discussed “social” or “economic justice," arguing that it is the rallying cry on both the communist front and the fascist front.”
  • On March 18th, he referenced the health care reform effort akin to a Japanese bombing attack on Pearl Harbor.

When a company chooses to supply The Glenn Beck Show with advertising revenue, they are linking their name with the aforementioned fear and hate-mongering. 

[Ask if FreeScore is comfortable associating their brand with that...]

[If the answer is “no,” urge them to modify their advertising agreements accordingly, as well as issue a public statement announcing their advertising boycott against Fox News host Glenn Beck.]

Remember: Thank the person you speak with for their time at the end of the call before hanging up--and don't forget to report back to us using the form on the right.

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