Petition: Stand with workers at JFK

UPDATE The Airserv and Global Elite workers have suspended their strike after the Port Authority urged their companies to engage in meaningful talks. However, their cause continues and they need your support more than ever. Please sign the petition


We the undersigned, stand with airport workers at JFK as they protest their employer’s irresponsible and unlawful actions to silence workers. We believe airport workers should be able to raise concerns that affect them, their coworkers, and public safety.

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Airport workers at JFK who work for Airserv and Global Elite Security are voting to authorize a strike.

They feel that they don’t have a choice—as they take responsibility for the security of the millions of passengers who travel through JFK each year.

Earlier this year, Air Serv and Global Elite security officers alerted the traveling public to serious flaws in airports security by filing complaints with the Transportation Security Administration. In their complaints officers pointed out the contractors’ failure to provide adequate training or functioning equipment to them and their coworkers. Instead of addressing these concerns, both companies responded with attempts to silence and intimidate workers.

Now they are preparing to strike in protest. Sign the petition to stand with workers: