Support our vision: Let’s raise standards in the security industry.

Bad actors in the security industry are bad for us all.
When a U.S. Security Associates supervisor reportedly told an official at a Delaware court that the company’s failure to provide a security officer was “not my f***ing problem”, it was bad for public safety, the industry, and for hardworking security officers.
Security Officers are promoting a positive vision for our industry’s future. Sign the statement to show your support:

1. Generate the good jobs that our communities need—jobs that allow workers to spend money in local businesses and boost our local economies.
2. Foster safe and humane workplaces where all are treated equally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, color or creed.
3. Honor security officers as heads of households and families. Pay officers—who provide millions in profits—what we rightfully earn. We and our families should have quality healthcare, healthy food, decent housing, access to education, and a dignified retirement. Good jobs will allow us to raise our children by giving us time to provide moral guidance, check homework, and enjoy family meals.
4. Create comprehensive standards for training. Better training will improve public safety and enhance customer service, which will attract new clients.
5. Reduce costly turnover. Limit the risks of operating with inexperienced officers and keep down the cost of constantly replacing workers by investing in and maintaining an experienced security workforce.
In order to achieve these ends, security officers must have the freedom to form unions at our workplaces. By forming unions, we can build a relationship with employers based on honesty, open communication, and mutual respect. Only by working together can we raise standards in our industry—for the benefit of officers, employers, clients, our communities, and the public.