SEIU Retirees

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The SEIU Retiree Advisory Council promotes lifelong unionism…

SEIU retirees possess a rich history within the labor movement and a passionate understanding of the vital role unions play within our society. They have played an integral role in helping to build this union and the union movement as a whole. SEIU retirees volunteer as Member Organizers - helping SEIU organize new worksites, Member Political Organizers (MPO’s) – helping us win electoral campaigns, and volunteers – working hard to fight for healthcare reform and other issues important to working families.

SEIU Retiree Advisory Council (RAC)
The SEIU Retiree Advisory Council is chaired by Retired Member and International Executive Board Member Marc Earls. Currently, 15 locals unions and/or joint boards are represented on the Council. For every local on the council, there is a retired member representative and a retiree staff representative. The Locals represented on the Council are listed below.

Local Union / State
503 / Oregon
1199UHE / Florida
1199UHE / New York
668 / Pennsylvania
Colorado WINS / Colorado
1021 / California
721 / California
Healthcare WI / Wisconsin
1 / Illinois
2001/Council 400 / Connecticut
2008 / North Carolina
1989 / Maine
Workers United / Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

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Accomplishments of the Council
The SEIU Retiree Advisory Council made significant progress in the 2007-2009 years. It created a best practices guide (.pdf) for building and strengthening SEIU retiree chapters committed to creating annual strategic plans for their retiree programs with buy-in from their local leadership to help grown and strengthen chapters. They also committed to mentoring fellow start up chapters. In 2010 we focused on developing a retiree vision for SEIU retirees on a national level. If you would like more information on the SEIU Retiree Advisory Council, please fill out the form on the right.