SEIU Republican Member Program

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SEIU represents more than 300,000 Republican members and together we are working to build a pro-working family Republican Party—engaging Republicans on the issues that matter to working people, electing pro-working family Republican candidates, and running for office themselves.

SEIU Members Form Republican Member Advisory Committee
Following SEIU’s first Republican Member Conference in 2006, members from across the country formed SEIU’s Republican Member Advisory Committee to engage Republican SEIU members and politicians on the issues that matter to workers. The ad hoc committee is made up of members named by the SEIU President. SEIU Republican activists have served on the Committee from affiliates in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho, Washington State, California and Nevada. The Committee most recently re-convened in December of 2010 and is working to identify its goals and next steps for 2011 and beyond. For more information on the Republican Advisory Committee sign-up using the form to the right or contact

SEIU Members Put Issues Over Party At All Levels of Government
SEIU members support candidates at all levels of government based on their positions on the issues and whether they are committed to creating a new American Dream for workers. In New York, SEIU members supported Senators in the Republican led State Senate that stood with workers to save healthcare for millions of New York families. In the past, SEIU in Ohio supported Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette who stood with SEIU members to protect Medicaid, lower drug costs, and give health care workers a stronger voice in patient care. SEIU members are supporting Republican candidates and politicians at all levels who stand up for the issues that matter to working families, including a number of state legislators in Washington State and New York, Governors Otter (ID) and Heineman (NE), Senators Grassley (IA), and Snowe (ME), and Representatives Bono (CA), Cannon (UT), Jones (NC), LaTourette (OH) and Upton (MI). Most recently we supported Republican gubernatorial candidates for governor in Wyoming and Iowa.

SEIU Members Engage Republican Presidential Candidates
Throughout the presidential primaries, SEIU Republican members attended Republican candidate events and debates to ask where Republicans stand on expanding healthcare for all and creating a new American Dream for workers. SEIU members invited Republican candidates to walk a day in their shoes, sit down to talk one-on-one about the issues that matter and discuss their healthcare plans at SEIU’s Presidential Forum on Healthcare. Former Presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee met twice with SEIU members in New Hampshire and Roy Brill, a Republican SEIU member in the state, appeared on billboards asking candidates to walk a day in his shoes.

SEIU Public Workers Winning a Stronger Voice on the Job
SEIU public employees are working with Republican led city councils to win a stronger voice on the job and improve the services they provide. Arizona workers have won a stronger voice in Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Pima counties and other members in other states have found similar success engaging Republican mayors and city councils.

SEIU Republican Members Running for Office
The most effective way for workers to build a pro-working family Republican Party is by running for office themselves. Republican members in NH, FL, WY and other states are running or have already been elected to local or state office. SEIU members serving in the New Hampshire legislature have their own caucus to bring Republican and Democratic members together and have led the fight to protect collective bargaining rights in their state.

SEIU Local 221 members walking with GOP Mayoral Candidate Jim Wood

The GOP Advisory Committee at the RNC Convention in 2008 in St. Paul