Tell Congress: We Support Majority Signup →

One of the main parts of the Employee Free Choice Act is majority signup.  Majority signup is based on a simple idea: if a majority of workers say they want a union, they should get a union.  It's the best way to make sure workers have a free and fair choice to join a union without intimidation or harassment. 

But the New York Times reported that the Senate is considering dropping majority signup from the bill. 

We need to show Congress that working people support majority signup because it gives employees - and not their bosses - the free choice to have a voice on the job.

Sign our petition to Congress: we support majority signup. 

Update: we delivered 18,836 signatures on this petition to Senator Tom Harkin, the lead champion in the senate for the Employee Free Choice Act.  But we still need your support to keep our campaign going.  Sign your name in support to the right after you watch our delivery video below.