May 17th: Follow the money from Wall Street to K Street.

Everybody knows about the greedy behavior going down on Wall Street. But not everyone knows about the big banks' DC address: K Street.

K Street is where the Wall Street banks' high priced lobbyists set up shop. And where they use their massive wealth to buy and sell politicians like commodities on the stock exchange.

Right now, it's ground zero in the fight to kill Wall Street reform. The big banks are funneling hundreds of millions of dollars through their lobbyists to help keep things just the way they are.

But nobody knows about it because the bank lobbyists live by the Vegas rule: What happens on K Street stays on K Street.

It's time to shine a little light on the bank lobbyists.

For too long, they've been allowed to spread their greed like a virus across Washington - infecting the political process and killing common sense reform.

Will you join us in quarantining K Street on May 17th? Help us show bank lobbyists their days of poisoning our democracy are numbered. →

May 17, 2010
  • WHAT: Quarantine K Street.
  • WHO: Thousands of taxpayers from across the country.
  • WHERE: 11:45am - Meet at McPherson Square, Washington, DC [Google map]