Join Us

"In our first contract, we guaranteed our benefits in writing, locked in raises, and won overtime pay and other improvements. It feels good to have the chance to participate in the future of the hospital."
Vicki Siefers, Medical Technologist, Iowa

As hospital employees, we can do so much more working together as a group than we can as individuals.

That's why thousands of hospital employees are joining SEIU, the Service Employees International Union, every year. SEIU is the largest and fastest growing health care union in North America. Whether we are nurses, pharmacists or other professionals, technicians or business office clericals, housekeeping, maintenance or dietary workers, hospital employees today need a voice in the decisions that affect their jobs and their patients.

Women and men who work in hospitals and clinics join SEIU to:

  • Improve our ability to provide quality patient care.
  • Negotiate with our employers for better pay and benefits.
  • Solve problems and have a voice on the job.