health care rallyThe facts about reform.

The American health care system is broken. Costs are rising and quality is on the decline. President Obama and Congress are working to create a health care reform bill that will help Americans take control of their health and their wallet.

This month, many members of Congress have gone back to their districts to engage in dialogue with Americans all over the country to gain their input on the new bill. But, some individuals and groups opposed to health care reform are not interested in dialogue. Instead, they have decided to spread lies about what it will mean for the country. Please take a moment to learn the truth about health care reform:

FACT: Health care reform will NOT create "death panels." Health decisions will stay between you and your doctor.

FACT: Health care reform will NOT ration care. It will finally end price-based rationing by big insurance companies.

FACT: Opponents of health care reform are using chain emails with bogus information to scare people away from supporting reform.

We've gotten several questions like this: "I received a viral email telling me that under proposed health care reform the government will have direct access to my bank account, everyone will be auto-enrolled into the public plan, there will be a decrease in funding towards Medicare and all doctors will be paid the same. Is it true?

What will happen under the President’s health care reform plan?