Sign the petition: Tell your Senators to Break Up With the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Break up with the Chamber of CommerceFrom health care and financial reform, to Employee Free Choice and climate change, the U.S. Chamber's extremism leaves it far outside the mainstream.

At least five high-profile companies - including Nike and Apple - have recently left their roles at the U.S. Chamber. 

There's an exodus from the corporate front group over its extreme views. We must use this opportunity to further isolate the U.S. Chamber as an out-of-touch outfit that only serves the interest of a handful of greedy CEOs.

The U.S. Chamber can't be taken seriously.  Your senators need to know this - the corporate front group is in Congress every day, lobbying for its extremist positions.  They need to be immediately discredited.

Sign the petition to the Senate now: don't listen to the extremist U.S. Chamber of Commerce on any issue.