Write your letter to the presidential candidates!

This letter is designed to call on all potential candidates, regardless of party, to engage you on how they plan to lead on our issues. We will use your responses to help sharpen our demands on the issues, and potentially as a way to communicate your voices directly to candidates by sharing some letters.

Dear Presidential Candidate:

You are running for office at a time when American families face many challenges, including: and .

SEIU members from across the country have come together to commit to a vision of a just society – one that works for everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from. Together we have developed a policy agenda with five imperatives – all of which are necessary to improve the lives of hard-working people across the country.

  • Support workers joining together to raise wages and improve workplace standards.
  • Create good jobs for everyone.
  • Provide economic security for all Americans.
  • Fix our broken immigration system.
  • Protect and expanding our democracy

Members of are calling on all candidates, whether they are running for President of the United States or Mayor of to outline their plans to tackle the challenges of our times and achieve the goals outlined above.

For me personally, it is especially important that we because .

The next President of the United States must be prepared to stand with working people to find real solutions and create a world that is , , and .

The candidate who earns my support will .

I look forward to hearing from you about how you will support our movement for a just society.

In Solidarity,