SEIU Launches Second Round of Ads Against GOP

SEIU launched the second series of ads, highlighting the Republican Party’s appalling language and record on immigration.

As part of SEIU’s multifaceted campaign to mobilize Latino voters and hold Republicans accountable for blocking immigration reform, the series of radio ads will run in Colorado, California and Nevada—targeting Congressmen Cory Gardner (CO-4; current Colorado Republican candidate for U.S. Senate), Mike Coffman (CO-6), David Valadao (CA-21) and Joe Heck (NV-3).

The new ads also urge the Latino electorate to register to vote online at The ads will run for two weeks as members of Congress head back to their districts for the August congressional recess.

Listen to the new radio ads here and check out the first national TV ads that aired earlier this month.

Gardner (CO-R) and Coffman (CO-6)

[Coffman/Gardner Script]

Valadao (CA-21)

[Valadao Script]

Heck (NV-3)

[Heck Script]

Sample Script: (ENGLISH)

It’s simply unacceptable: Mike Coffman & Cory Gardner, together with the Republicans, have blocked immigration reform.

Worse yet, they voted to deport our DREAMers.

And now, this is the limit-­‐Republicans attack our children at the border as if they were criminals.

One Republican Congresswoman even said that immigrants are invading the United States and suggested many recent immigrants could be rapists and murderers

Stop with the attacks! Our community is united.

We need leaders who will fight for our community. That’s why this November we will vote against Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner, and the Republicans.

We ARE registering and we ARE voting.

Go to MI FUTURO DOT ORG and register today!

VO: Paid for by SEIU COPE,, which is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

In Spanish:

Es simplemente inaceptable: Mike Coffman y Cory Gardner, junto con otros republicanos, bloquearon la reforma migratoria.

Peor todavía, votaron para deportar a nuestros DREAMers.

Y ahora—¡el colmo!—los republicanos atacan a nuestros niños en la frontera como si fueran criminals

Una congresista republicana dijo que los inmigrantes están invadiendo los Estados Unidos e insinuó que muchos inmigrantes recientes podrían ser violadores y asesinos

¡ Ya basta con los ataques! Nuestro pueblo está unido.

Necesitamos líderes que luchen por nuestra comunidad. Por eso, este noviembre tenemos que votar en contra de Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner y los republicanos!

Vamos a registrarnos y vamos a votar!

Ve a MI FUTURO PUNTO ORG, y regístrate hoy mismo!

VO: Pagado por SEIU COPE,, que es responsable por el contenido de este mensaje. No está autorizado por ningún candidato ni comité de candidato.