America says YES to Citizenship

Throughout America’s history, our economy has been strengthened by the contributions of immigrant workers. We now have an opportunity for Congress to work together in a bi-partisan fashion to rebuild our immigration system so that it honors American values, strengthens the economy, and supports working families. SEIU members are calling on Congress to pass commonsense immigration reform now.


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SEIU members support commonsense immigration reform that would:

  • Establish a reasonable roadmap to citizenship
  • Keep families together
  • Stop employers that intimidate and exploit undocumented workers – a widespread practice that drives down wages and working conditions for everyone
  • Bring 11 million aspiring citizens out of the shadows which will stabilize and grow our economy

SEIU members believe commonsense immigration reform with a reasonable pathway to citizenship will strengthen our families, our communities and our country.

SEIU represents more immigrant workers than any other labor union in the United States and our membership is among the most diverse in the labor movement. SEIU was founded by immigrant janitors in 1921 and today is the largest and fastest growing labor union in North America with more than 2.1 million members.